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"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." - Lucille Ball

Red hair is a genetic mutation.
Red hair is seen on the heads of only four percent of people. Most of these exist in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, and Australia.
The highest percentage of natural redheads in the world is in Scotland (13%), followed closely by Ireland with 10%. In the US, about 2% of the population are natural redheads.
Redheads don't turn grey. Red hair turned sandy, then white. They are also found to loose their color later in life than people carrying other hair colors
Adolph Hitler reportedly banned the marriages of two redheads as he feared their children would be “deviant offspring”.
In Greek Mythology, redheads turn into Vampires when they die.

Nice to know i'll be turning into a vampire when i die since I'm a redhead. I've been thinking of dying it blonde... any thoughts? I think this is going to be my last post for a while and I'm planning on starting again in the fall... so hope the rest of the summer is magical for everyone :)


Hey there Tiger

Sienna Miller + James Franco= Camille (aka new favorite movie)


Been Rambling Day after Day

Super gorgeous early Erin Wasson editorial have I mentioned I'm in love with her? many Erin posts to come... sorry in advance. This is my last post in a couple of weeks, I'm going on vaca with the fam but my theory is if I post enough shit to distract you you won't notice? found a killerr compilation of Brianjones-era Stones performances for your viewing pleasures... http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=52395648

discovered a hilarious site where people post the stupid things customers do this is my favorite

Customer: “It’s as though you people put crack in it!” Me: *laughs* “It is pretty good…” Customer: “So, do you?” Me: “Do we… what?” Customer: “Put crack in it.” Me: “…are you asking if we put cocaine in our pizza sauce?” Customer: “Yes!” Me: “No. I’m pretty sure they stopped putting drugs into food and medicine by the 1940s.” Customer: “Oh. Really? Because it would explain a lot. I just can’t stop eating this pizza!” Bahahahahahahahahahahahhah


hungover headache need panckes...



Editorial shot by Dusan Reljin. Inspirired by the Velvet Underground? But to be honest i don't see it at all.